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A Note about shipping - PayPal has limited shipping charge options, so your shipping charges may be a little high or a little low. At this time I can't do anything about this but if you think the charges are too high contact me and I can make an adjustment by a partial refund after the sale. When the purchase price is over $1500.00 there may be a request for additional funds to cover the extra insurance needed. International sales do not add any shipping cost (other than Canada) and you will be invoiced for this separately. International shipments can go by USPS Priority or First Class mail or Federal Express. The availability of adequate insurances and costs may be a determining factor in the selection of international carriers.

Shipping vintage watches may be the greatest obstacle to your watch keeping good time. The following is what I have found to be the best way to pack and ship watches.

I use the USPS priority mail 7 X 7 X 6 shipping box. By using this box you have more room for shipping peanuts to surround the watch.
First wrap the watch in several layers of bubble wrap using two separate pieces of the wrap. If possible use rubber bands, not tape, to secure the wrap around the watch. Much of the tape today is very strong, nearly invisible and is difficult to get off the wrap. This creates the potential to damage the watch just trying to get the tape off the wrap.
Layer the bottom of the box with peanuts deep enough to provide a good cushion.
Place the bubble wrapped watch as near the center of the box as possible and surround and top off the box with peanuts.
Make sure there are enough peanuts in the box to exert a light pressure on the bubble wrap when you tape the box shut.
Be sure to mark the box Fragile.  
If you print your own shipping labels from the USPS web site you can save 14% in postage and save a lot of time at the post office, if yours is anything like mine.
When getting a crystal replaced just send the bezel, except for hunter cases, you should avoid shipping the movement whenever possible.
The post office contracts with Federal Express for priority mail shipments so from what I can gather marking your package fragile probably does not get it any special treatment.
Always insure valuable watches for their full purchase price, insurance probably helps more than ,marking the package fragile in getting careful handling.
If you ever wondered why watches are not keeping perfect time after being shipped just look at a priority insured box I recently received. Click on the photos for larger image.
In addition to everything listed above I use an in box for extra protection.


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