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If you visit this website you probably have an interest in watches, the people listed below are all watch enthusiast or friends of watch enthusiast that are in need of your prayers. When people from all around the world come together in prayers for healing we can expect marvelous results. So please pray for those listed and with their permission email us about anyone you want added to the list.  

This page is dedicated to the memory of J. M. "Doc" Landers. Doc was an avid watch and clock collector with whom I had the pleasure of becoming friends with through this website. 


If you are on this page please take a few moments to pray for healing for the people listed here. 

We believe that prayer combined from God's people from around the world is very pleasing to the Lord.

Name Country  Affliction (s)
Robert Brady United States Diabetes, Heart Issues, Possible strokes  
Robert Paul Wilson Jr.

15 years Old

United States Leukemia Undergoing Chemotherapy  
Allana 3 years old

Patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

United States Brain tumor (removed) and Brain Cancer Urgent prayers needed. 
Arthur Knowles United States Heart Condition & Type II Diabetes 
John Leddy Australia Cancer/Heart Issues
Suzie Parsons United States Stage Four Lung Cancer
Ken Cooper United States Vietnam Exposure To  Agent Orange Consequences. Prostate cancer that appears to have spread to the liver & thyroid, had mild heart attack within a week of entering hospital, mild stroke (TIA) during the last year, chronic Guillain-Barre syndrome week- ness and a fever of unknown Etiology.
Sukin Cooper

Suskin is Ken Coopers wife, please consider extra prayers for this couple who are facing extremely serious health issues. If you will ask your church friends and your prayer chains to pry for them as we need Christ's intervention here.

United State Facing a serious Heart Operation
Cynthia Milazzo Schwartz United States Urgent Prayers Needed for Serious Spinal Problem
Timothy Goodwin United State Timothy is at risk to loose a leg after complications from a knee replacement and numerous surgeries on his leg.
David Schwartz United States Thyroid cancer
Beth Bentz United States Huntington's Disease 
Marla Grams United States  Early unset dementia 
Greg Luckey United States Serious injuries from a fall